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Hazel Lee Psychic, Medium and Teacher

Born with strong psychic abilities, Hazel has been a popular platform medium for almost 20 years. For some time now she has also taught spiritual development and mediumship at her well established Masterclass Workshops in weekend and week courses at venues around the UK and across Europe. Hazel regularly appears on Psychic Today Sky 886 giving psychic readings. as well as Virgin 1, Bravo 2, Film 24, Unexplained TV and Freeview Channel 32..

Masterclass Weekend
16th - 18th March 2018

To reserve your place call the Fairwater Hotel on 01297 678349 or email me

Hazel is passionate about the work she does and founded a healing centre in Lambeth, one of Londonís poorest and most deprived boroughs. The Spring Healing Centre ( a registered charity ) makes a wide range of holistic therapies, healing and counselling available to all the community.

Unfortunately Hazel's busy schedule now means that she no longer has a connection with the centre and the work is carried on by a team of volunteers. Both Hazel and Kamal are determined that spiritual help and healing should be accessible to wealthy and poor alike.

Hazel says "My aim is to bring light to anyone struggling in darkness and to give them informed and positive hope for the future. That is my philosophy, that is how I work. Spirit is my life! I believe that I am truly blessed and that it is my aim in life to help as many people as possible"

Psychic Readings from Hazel Lee

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Simple Approach Psychic Development Meditation Program

This valuable meditation set is now available as a digital download (either singly or as a complete set). CDs are also still available.
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